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<for Direct Write Lithography using a commercial Electron Beam or Ion Beam Microscope>

The Nanometer Pattern Generation System is the top selling SEM lithography system at research institutions in North America and its use has become widespread around the world. The objective for NPGS is to provide a powerful, versatile, and easy to use system for doing advanced electron  beam lithography or ion beam lithography using a commercial SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope), FIB (Focused Ion Beam), dual beam (SEM/FIB), or Helium Ion microscope. The success of NPGS at meeting this goal is demonstrated by the strong recommendations from current users.

You are invited to inspect the following links for additional information on NPGS, and you are encouraged to get any additional questions answered about NPGS, electron beam lithography (EBL), Ion Beam Lithography, or microscopes in general, by telephone or e-mail.

To learn more about NPGS and SEM lithography in general, please view the following pages:

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Click to see Sample PicturesClick to see Sample PicturesJoe Nabity, Ph.D.
JC Nabity Lithography Systems
P.O. Box 5354
Bozeman, MT 59717 USA
(406) 587-0848

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Direct write Pt patterning with NPGS using EBID

Example movies of FIB Milling with NPGS

Variable Pressure Lithography on Insulating Substrates
with NPGS and a VP SEM

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NPGS: The highest performance / lowest cost direct write Lithography System for over 20 years!

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