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The movie files below show NPGS being used for FIB Milling.  The work was performed by Dr. David C Cox at the Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey, UK.  Click here to see additional work done by Dr. Cox.

Also, see SUSPRE, a quick ion implantation calculator designed to calculate the implantation range profiles of any ion in any target material.

(The movie images appear stretched in the horizontal direction because the movies are acquired using the electron beam in a dual e-beam / ion beam microscope and during milling the sample is positioned normal to the ion beam, but is at a large angle relative to the e-beam. The thumbnail images on the Sample Pictures page show the true aspect ratio as seen when the sample is normal to the e-beam.)

Above: A series of 300nm holes milled sequentially into a metal film.
Above: Da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man' milled into silicon with a Focused Ion Beam. Line widths are ~60nm wide.
Above: The M.C. Escher drawing 'Hand with Reflecting Sphere' milled into silicon with ~50 nm linewidths.

(The 2nd and 3rd movies appear choppy because of a mismatch between the frame averaging of the microscope and the frame rate of the movie capture.  The actual writing proceeded smoothly.)

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