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This image shows the powerful capability of the NPGS "Filled Polygon" feature. Each of these structures was created in the DesignCAD program as a single polygon, and they are automatically filled by NPGS during the pattern writing. The patterns were written in 950k PMMA and are shown after development and Au sputtering, but with no liftoff. The scale on this image is indicated by the serpentine structure which has a linewidth of 1 micron.

The two stars on the right were created using a "fractal" program that runs within DesignCAD. These "fractal" stars show both the complexity allowed in a filled polygon (any shape with up to 1000 vertices in NPGS v9) and the power of the programming environment within DesignCAD.

The circular structure is a polygon with 122 vertices which are so close together that the short straight lines defining the inner and outer circles are not observable.

(This image was acquired with the NPGS Digital Imaging Feature.)

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