NPGS  : 5nm Lines

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This image shows very fine lines defined by ~5 nm diameter islands of Au. The lines were fabricated by first exposing and developing 150 nm thick PMMA to produce ~5 nm wide lines. Then a granular Au film was intentionally deposited such that only one Au island formed across the width of each line and liftoff produced the results seen in the image. This work was done by Christophe Vieu, Franck Carcenac and Huguette Launois at L2M/CNRS-France (Microstructures and Microelectronique Laboratory) using a 200 kV TEM/STEM. Note that the high accelerating voltage was essential in producing such fine structures. For more information, see "From Nano- to Macroscale Science and Technology", Condensed Matter News - Vol 6, Issue 3-4, p22-30, (1998).